From a basic bath to all day spa pampering, we have you covered. Prices shown are estimates. Many variables such as size, coat type, and coat condition can affect final pricing. All pets will be evaluated upon drop off for coat and skin condition, then a price will be set.

SPA BATH (No Trimming)

KEEP ME NEAT (Bath and Neaten)


These are price estimates based on size only. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a groom. Coat length, complexity of style, dematting, and behavior issues are examples that will increase the price.

  • Tiny under 10lbs $65
  • Small 10-19 lbs $70
  • Medium 20-39 lbs $75
  • Medium-Large 40- 59 lbs $85
  • Large 60-79 lbs $100 and up
  • Giant 80lbs and over $150 and up
  • Standard Poodle $125 and up


Over the years we have tried to provide price estimates on Doodles with little to no success. Dogs with mixed heritage and opposing coat types are the most difficult and time consuming to maintain. They vary tremendously in size, conformation, coat type and hair quality. The only way to be fair to the pet parent and ourselves is to price by the actual hands on time that it takes to groom your pet. Doodles will be charged $65 per hour.



A rejuvenating spa treatment tailored for the individual needs of each pet. Includes: Luxurious moisturizing shampoo, Skin Re-moisturizer, Coat Conditioner, Paw Pad Balm, Teeth Brushing and Breath Spray. $25


Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments

Feed and Hydrate your dogs skin with essential nutrients and essential fatty acids. Madra Mor Muds are made with wholesome ingredients according to strict Ecocert guidelines ensuring an all- natural, eco friendly product free of harsh detergents.
$25, $30 or $35 based on size of pet.

A La Carte Services

  • Pawdicure $ 10 small breeds $15 over 30 lbs
  • Pawdicure $15 small breeds $ 20 over 30 lbs
  • Flea Bath $15-$25
  • Specialty Shampoo $15
  • Use of owners medicated shampoo $10
  • Teeth Brushing $8
  • Naughty Not Nice Fee $15


If your pup is extra naughty for the grooming process to the point I need additional assistance to complete the groom, this fee will apply. Prices start at $5


We have found that dogs who are not frequently groomed require additional time, skill and product. It is recommended that dogs be groomed every 4-8 weeks. Dogs that have not been groomed in 10-12 or longer will incur an additional fee. $10-$25

I am always willing to offer advice and training tips on ways to improve the grooming experience for both dog and groomer. Often we can work past the behavioral issues to the point where no additional fees are needed. Safety for your dog and the groomer is our highest priority. This will not be compromised for any cost.

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